Lake Atitlán Crowdfunding Projects

A Bigger Wheelchair for María. María Jimena Jaramillo has outgrown her wheelchair. She urgently needs a new wheelchair. We are in Guatemala City — the price oscillates between 5,000.00 to 6,000.00 quetzales ($685-$820) because it is a chair made to measure.

María Jimena is 21 years old. She has switched gene 23 to 17, causing her heart and kidney problems (bilateral hydronofrosis), severe mental retardation and general muscular hypotomy.

Lake Atitlán Bioremediation Effort. Lake Atitlán sits in a volcanic crater and has no outflow, so everything that goes in, stays in. Unfortunately, this includes waste water from at least 20 towns and chemical fertilizer and pesticide runoff from unsustainable agriculture. The scientific agency in charge of monitoring the lake, AMSCLAE, claims it will be dead within 7 years. Beyond destroying its natural beauty, the contamination threatens the livelihood of all who live by its waters. At any given moment, roughly 20% of the population suffers from e-coli, amoebas, giardia and other intestinal pathogens. Something urgently needs to be done. The Lake Atitlan Environmental Interests Group is a cross-cultural association working with farmers, fishermen, environmentalists, teachers, business owners, creatives, and inspired volunteers alike, who have joined forces to create a plan of action that aims to address the contamination at its source.
Tul Forests for Lake Atitlán. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala — which Lonely Planet calls “the closest thing to Eden on Earth” — is in desperate need of remediation due to wastewater contamination and chemical agricultural runoff. We at Lake Atitlán Environmental Interests Group are asking for your support to help reforest the lake with the Tul plant, which is a natural filter of pathogens and absorbs excess nutrients to promote a healthy ecosystem.
Help Atitlán Women Weavers cooperative buy their building, thus securing their ability to work and also enabling them to expand their reach and increase the percentage each worker earns.

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