Lake Atitlán Wellness Clinic in Panajachel

Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic is a discretionary-donation-based healthcare organization that offers family medicine and psychological counseling by licensed professional personnel. Some surgeries are performed with many other disciplines including pregnancy healthcare, pediatrics, geriatric, urology, pulmonary, gynecology, internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiac, trauma, allergies, dermatology, also to a limited extent; eye care, endocrinology and otorhinolaryngology. ***** New location 3-40 Ave. Weymann, off calle Santander, Panajachel.

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Ethical Fashion Guatemala Featured in Fashionista Magazine

Local organization Ethical Fashion Guatemala was recently featured in an article in Fashionista magazine. The article by Whitney Bauck is titled “GUATEMALAN ARTISANS ARE GOING AFTER 64,000+ ETSY PRODUCTS FOR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: The same group is also launching an artisan-owned website to protect makers’ rights.”

According to the article, in addition to cracking down on fake wares and people who seriously underpay artisans, Ethical Fashion Guatemala is working to create an online platform where local artisans can…

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